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The You Can't Hold Me Bandana Slide

The You Can't Hold Me Bandana Slide


Each of these sets come with your chosen one of a kind, hand fabricated,  Silver Stallion Handmade Bandana Slide + one hand crafted Chain Driven Apparel Pscyh Wave Scarf. 


The “You Can’t Hold Me” slide is a large sterling silver shield, with a striking piece of Kingman Turquoise with pyrite inclusions is framed by two fine silver rattle snake rattles, and stamped detailing. “You can’t hold me" stamped on the reverse side in honor of TVZ. A stamped double half round band comfortably holds the Chain Driven Apparel Psych Wave Scarf, but also can be worn as a ring if the mood strikes, and the ring fits! 


It measures  1 3/8” tall and 1 3/8" at its widest point.

The area inside the band measures roughly 3/4" in diamete, its a ring size 6 1/4.

It weighs .54 oz.




The Psych Wave Scarf is a striking psychadellic black and white scarf, hand sewn by Amanda of Chain Driven Apparel.


Each scarf is roughly 2” wide by 27” length.  Cut in Chain Driven Apparel's own custom Psych Wave design in a soft crepe material.  Drapes nicely with the weight of the fabric, but is perfectly anchored when paired with the Silver Stallion slide.  🖤

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