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I grew up in a small town nestled at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains. There was never a shortage of nature and wildlife. It wasn't until I moved to the city of San Francisco that I started seeing death in everything. Waste and disrespect for creatures and objects. It started my deep desire to pay respect to what was lost, and to create instead a new valued resting place. 

My personal philosophy has always been "respect" and "rebirth". Using only found remains of animals, as well as industry. 

I started making enough bone jewelry and art out of my collections to receive requests for pieces back in 2007. Once enough people were requesting custom work, and a few art shows had asked to include my work, I opened my etsy in 2010. 

Living a free life on the road allowed a constant state of awareness of death, and an open heart to create. But at a certain point I sat still and I noticed the demand for this style of jewelry has outweighed its natural existence. Now I see a marketplace flooded, without the heart (save a very solid handful of incredible individuals). It discouraged me for a long time, to see what I felt in the city being portrayed by my peers. 

I left my store vacant as I roamed and worked on my direction. It hasn't changed. My passion is the same, so is my philosophy. I intend to start anew, and hope to grow as a jeweler, but my core will remain. To aid in nature reclaiming the focus of peoples attention, by paying respect to the subtle details in the dirt and decadence.

>>> Ethos <<<

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