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The Vulture Aura Ring

The Vulture Aura Ring


What a showstopper this ring is!! Arguably my favorite piece of the release? Though that's hard to commit to. But, it DID suspiciously end up in my ring size...


Not usually a BIG face ring guy, but here we are...and I love it. 

The  pendant of this piece set with two GORGEOUS teardrop shaped pieces of Ocean Jasper. One in varying hues of golden browns, the other creamy white with matching brown and crystalized inclusions. Two hand formed sterling silver ball details between them, from them, two hand made sterling wire flourishes, one melted to a ball point, one a little twist, on each side. Edged with an additional stamped detail. And then we have the framing talons. Two solid fine silver vulture talons close off this stunning beast. All the handmade silver details shining brightly against the heavy dark patina background.


The ring band is a thick and weight, hand hammer textured band. For a very comfortable, stable wear, with an aesthetically organic and raw look.

Out of Stock
  • Sizing details

    The ring is a size 8 1/2.

    The  ring face measures 1 1/2" tall, and 1 1/8" wide.

    The band is 5/16" thick.

    It weighs .78 oz .


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