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The Venom Trinity Necklace

The Venom Trinity Necklace


This listing is for VERY SPECIAL one of a kind necklace based on my now classic Venom pendant.


This piece is made to pay respect to one of my favorite creatures, the snake. An eye catching pendant necklace inspired by the Navajo Naja, or Squash Blossom necklace, but in a very unique angled crescent design, with the main focal point of a diamond shaped glass stone showcasing a real snake shed, from my pet Ball Python, Erzulie. The unique double diamond of sterling silver roped wire and hand formed balls adorn and draw your attention to the mesmerizing snake's texture in the center. At the base point of each side of the crescent, are set piece of stingray leather. The pendant is made of 10g round wire, with simple stamp designs that only add to, and not distract from, the natural materials showcased. The whole piece is given a patina to make the piece look antiqued, and high contrast, and then given a wax coating with lavender oil, to keep the patina in place and add to the calming energy of the piece.

Snakes are often used as symbols of both death and immortality. Joseph Campbell once wrote. "Serpents seem to incarnate the elementary mystery of life wherever apparent opposites are conjoined".

I was once told it is a Southern folklore belief that if you are to dream of snakes, and are able to walk past the snake in your path, you will be able to overcome any of lifes obstacles. I harness this notion with these Python Protection pieces, that you are able to carry the power of the snake with you, and you will be able to concquer any challenge that lies ahead. These are incredible talismans of strength and growth.

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  • Details

    The Squash Blossom measures roughly 3" in diameter in any given direction, and are made of 10g round wire. 

    The 'Venom pendant' itself measures about 1 1/2" tall,  and 7/8" across.


    It currently is hung from an 18" sterling silver "double rope chain", but can be hung from my standard roped chain (can be viewed on any of my other Python/Venom necklaces) in 16", 18", or 20"

    As a side note, due to the natural and delicate nature of the snake shed it is not recommended to wear this ring underwater. Without thinking I have worn mine swimming and there were no issues, however it is always wise to not press ones luck and allow delicate and treasured pieces to receive only minimal time in the elements.

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