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The Venom Necklace (with custom stamping)

The Venom Necklace (with custom stamping)


This listing is for a pre-order, of my now classic VENOM pedant, in a necklace form, similiar to that of my Eye of the Serpent necklace. Although the Venom pieces are only offered on occasion because they are a little bit more time consuming, and specifically the hoops, I don't always keep the metal stocked in bulk on hand. But I am offering a few day pre-order, at the end of which I will place the metal order and make your pieces. They are very special and made in limited runs.


This listing is for a MADE TO ORDER Venom necklace, paying respect to one of my favorite creatures, the snake. An eye catching pendant with the focal point of a diamond shaped glass stone showcasing a real snake shed, from my pet Ball Python, Erzulie. The unique double diamond of sterling silver roped wire and hand formed balls adorn and draw your attention to the mesmerizing snake's texture in the center. The whole piece is given a patina to make the piece look antiqued, and high contrast, and then given a wax coating with lavender oil, to keep the patina in place and add to the calming energy of the piece.


I have also included this, 'WITH CUSTOM STAMPING' listing, in case you would like to have a personal message stamped on the back of the pendant. Please try and keep it similar in length to the lyrics stamped on the example, if it is longer please try and reach out and clear it with me to ensure it will fit first! Thank you! 

Snakes are often used as symbols of both death and immortality. Joseph Ca