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The Venom Lighter

The Venom Lighter


I have been fully hand fabricating lighter sheaths since the very initial launch of Silver Stallion, but have  since expanded to offer a classic Zippo option. Everyone has their preferences, and I know many collect these timeless beasts, so I figured I'd include them in the spread, again!


A solid brass refillable Zippo lighter, in the classic throwback shape. Each lighter given the SSH touch with tons of handmade magic.


This lighter holding my now classic Venom design, but this time, in YELLOW BRONZE! Still set with the shed from my beloved python, Erzulie, making it a perfect talisman of growth, and lighting fire to what no longer serves you . My makers mark stamped in sterling silver on the reverse. 


These lighters are truly heirloom pieces. Built to last. But now carrying a representation of your personal style.




Lighters will be shipped without lighter fluid inside them for safety, and so you can strike that first strike <3

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