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The Triple Bullet Statement Cuff

The Triple Bullet Statement Cuff

This listing is for a MADE TO ORDER bullet cuff bracelet that matches my Bullet Ear Weights perfectly!

The cuff you will receive is not the piece from these photos, but it will look nearly identical, just slight patina differences. While the style is replicated, every bullet has its own markings and acceptance to patina, so just as I like to keep all of my jewelry, every piece is unique and one of a kind!

The bracelet is made of 3 brass 223 bullet shells that I have soldered together to form one solid pendant. The pendant was then soldered onto two copper bands. The piece was given a patina to give it an antiqued appearance. It was given a wax and lavender oil coating to help keep the patina in place and to satisfy the senses.
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    As this bracelet is made to order, please let me know what length you would like your bracelet.

    Each piece varies slightly in size, but typically the sizes are similar to as follows:
    The bullet pendant measures just shy of 1 1/4" across, and 2" tall.
    The copper bands are 8g wire, in the length of your choosing.
    Please let me know what size opening you would like as well.


    Because this piece is made to order, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. I strive to get custom orders finished within the first two weeks, but if I need to order more metals, it may take as long as 6 weeks as it will be out of my control - I will let you know what I estimate, and if it is time sensitive feel free to ask ahead of time!
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