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The Swamp Keeper Lighter

The Swamp Keeper Lighter


I have been fully hand fabricating lighter sheaths since the very initial launch of Silver Stallion, but have  since expanded to offer a classic Zippo option. Everyone has their preferences, and I know many collect these timeless beasts, so I figured I'd include them in the spread, again!


A brushed stainless steel refillable Zippo lighter, in the classic throwback shape. Each lighter given the SSH touch with tons of handmade silver magic.


This lighter holding a pendant of sterling silver, with a centrail piece of dark green Moss Agate, sitting clutched between two handmade, solid, fine silver alligator talons. Individually handmade, and created from a real American Alligator. A sterling flourish at the bottom, of the pendant, which has been given a dark contrasted patina.  A perfect swamp talisman . My makers mark stamped in sterling silver on the reverse. 


These lighters are truly heirloom pieces. Built to last. But now carrying a representation of your personal style.




Lighters will be shipped without lighter fluid inside them for safety, and so you can strike that first strike <3

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