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The Sun Shield Hoops

The Sun Shield Hoops



The brass section of Eastern Winds, inspired by the sun. Each of these golden pieces aiming to bring some bright energy to your life âœ¨ðŸŒžâœ¨


These hoops!!! Oh how I love them. Easily the lightest weight hoops I've ever made, but with one of the biggest punches. Shockingly, they were inspired by a table runner I fell in love with, as so many pattern work details were found in the most unexpected places. The pattern adapted into these shield like earrings, that channel the sun, but crudely represent phases of the moon. Cut outs on the edges align with North, South, East, West.


Brass hook closures, made to be worn comfortably in both standard size ears, or worn through tunnels in stretched ears.


The shields are 2 5/8" in diameter.

They measure 3 1/8" tall from the top of the hooks to the bottom.

The hooks are 18g wire.

They weigh .25oz a piece. 


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