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The Sun Ray Earrings

The Sun Ray Earrings



The brass section of Eastern Winds, inspired by the sun. Each of these golden pieces aiming to bring some bright energy to your life âœ¨ðŸŒžâœ¨


These stunners!  A surpsingly lightweight hoop. A half circle pendant of very lightweight brass, with raised brass rays to represent those from the sun. The rays radiating out from a central piece of Raw Tanzanian Sunstone set in a fine silver bezel. A top the sun pendants, two brass tubes on each side, holding double strands of brass chain, joining at the hand formed sterling silver ring and earring hooks. Made to fit both standard sized piercings, as well as through tunnels for stretched ears.


The earrings measure 3" wide as well as tall.

The hooks are made of 18g sterling silver wire.

They weigh roughly .45oz a piece . 


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