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The Spiderweb Boot Tips

The Spiderweb Boot Tips


This listing is for an already made, ready to ship, set of Spiderweb Boot Tips. They are editioned # 7 <3



I loved the spiderweb boot tips I made for the original Functional Jewels Collection so much that when I was re-working my pattern to create prototypes for this release I led with them. And while I originally meant to only release the Devils (to start) I decided a one size fits most, in a more cost inclusice White Bronze was worth doing!


For this set I went all web. Completely adorned with hand stamped spider webs and black widow figure 8’s. They have been cast from my original so they can be one SOLID piece of bronze, and more durable to the rough roads of life ahead. They have been work hardened to be sturdy, but are also still malleable enough to form to your personal boots. Made to fit standard/pointed cowboy boots, with welted leather soles. I will be sending all the boot tips with the hardware to attach them however I strongly recommend taking them to your trusted local cobbler to have them put into place in a way that works best with your boots soles so they (and your boots) can live a long secure life. 


I will be hand engraving an edition number on the inside of every set that leaves my hands. I want you to know they are yours, and that I send them out with love.


For the tips:

The side walls measure 2" long, the front toe arch is 7/8" tall, and the distance from the front of the tip to the back rounded edge is 1 1/2".  It measures 3 1/2” around at its widest point.

Each tip weighs roughly .58 oz.


The final photo shows a bunch of different style toes that the Spiderwebs comfortably fit upon, from narrow points to rounded.


*** Please understand, because these are a pre-order, I will not be issuing any returns on these pieces if they do not fit your boots. Please take the time to gauge your boots toe style with those photograhed, or check in with me if you are unsure, before ordering because once they are made and shipped, they are yours! ***


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  • Made To Order

    Because these pieces are made to order, please anticipate a 6-8 week turnaround time. While I always strive to get work completed much faster than that, but due to so many elements of handmade and things often outside my control, that is the time I quote. You can usually see a clear timeline of things being worked on and when to expect them to finish via my instagram <3

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