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The Spell of the Swamp Ring

The Spell of the Swamp Ring


This listing is for a MADE TO ORDER ring from the Southwestern Swamp Collection.

The ring band is made of nickel silver, the one in the photo was formed to a size 7 1/2 (please specify your band size). In the center of the the ring, a piece of Petrified Palm Wood, is set into a fine silver bezel. Petrified palm wood is Louisiana's state fossil, and I acquired this piece from a long time family owned lapidary in the local New Orleans area. For this ring I cut two notches out of each side of the bezel as a design detail, however, this up to you if you'd like this detail included or not. Then it was surrounded by sterling silver roped wire, and three hand formed sterling silver balls. The number of these balls can also be customized. On either side of the center stone, I set two alligator teeth. The alligator teeth were found on drive to St. Francisville, LA, alongside the freeway, I processed and cleaned the teeth myself. The ring was then given a darker patina, to give it an antiqued appearance.
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    Because this piece is made to order, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. I strive to get custom order finished within a week, but if I need to order more metals, it may take as long as 6 weeks as it will be out of my control - I will let you know what I estimate, and if it is time sensitive feel free to ask ahead of time!


    The Southwestern Swamp Collection is an ode to the nature and mindset that inspires and drives me. In the simplest terms, an utter and most important connection to the environment around you. I have made myself a home in the swamp lands in New Orleans, Louisiana. Even in the city, nature is reclaiming what man has built, and we are constantly reminded by buildings overgrown in green vines, walls of cemetery tombs with ferns creeping out from every crack. Nature has been before us, and will continue after us. This collection is inspired by a culture who has always been aware of our connection to nature, as well as the nature I've chosen to call home. As with all of my jewelry, from day one until I cease to create, I work with as much found natural material as possible. Whether its disregarded oyster shells (Louisiana's state gemstone), or using impressions of dried fern leaves or naturally shed snakeskin found in the swamp. The only stones from this collection that have been purchased (as will any piece purchased as the collection grows in size) have been locally, from the area where these Louisiana stones are most often found, from family run shops. Support for my environment is the most important principle. That being said, a ten dollar donation will be made to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve from any pieces sold from this collection at the end of each month.

    The preserve's website is as follows:
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