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The Sobek Ring

The Sobek Ring


The Sobek Ring.  Named afer the the Egyptian Crocodile God of Strength and Power, so that the wearer can channel strength, power, protection, while wearing this goden watchful eye.


A super thick sterling silver band made from the texture of an alligator I found as roadkill many years ago, that I’ve adoringly held onto until I’d be able to honor him in a tangible way. Words can’t express how elated I am to finally be able to bring him back to life in these pieces. His eye shines in 24k gold. A watchful protector, peering over the waters edge. The gold included as I symbol of the added strength, beauty, and value - the golden growth that comes with any piece in this collection.


This ring is a size 7 1/2. 

It has a 1/2" wide band, but the front section where the eye lies is 3/4". It weighs a weighty .71oz (20g).

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