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The Sobek Lighter

The Sobek Lighter


A classic bic lighter sleeve! Keep your tools special and unique just like you. Nobody is walking off with this baby, but you will garnish a lot of attention.


The sleeve itself made of nickel silver, but with all the sterling and fine silver magic on top. On its front, a hand crafted solid fine silver alligator eye sits watching, with sterling silver flourish details above and below. The edge of the lighter wrapped in a sterling silver, "snakeskin texture" band.  I love this Sobek style of design, I'm sure this is no surprise as I've weaved it throughout a variety of pieces, and here is just the latest of those pieces.


One of a kind and made with so much love. 


It fits a standard, classic bic lighter. 




Please check all dimensions to ensure each piece of jewelry will fit you before purchasing. I do not accept returns, so please go through and read all jewelry descriptions, look at the photographs, and make sure that everything is the correct size. I hope you find your perfect piece <3

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