The Sharp Shooter Cuff Bracelet (OOAK)

The Sharp Shooter Cuff Bracelet (OOAK)

This listing is for a OOAK mixed metal Bullet shell bracelet.

Resting upon two bands of 9g sterling silver half round wire, with hand stamped details, rest six bullet shells. Three brass Luger 9mm shells fit perfectly inside of three S&W 40mm shells. At the edges of the bracelet, the tops of two 38 special shells have been soldered on for extra strength as well as design detail. The bracelet was then given a patina to heighten contrast and give it an antiqued appearance.

This bracelet exudes the feeling of the Old West, and will make any wearer feel like a true Outlaw.
  • Details

    This bracelet is a OOAK piece of art.

    The bracelet measures 6" long, and just over 1" tall, with an opening of roughly 1 1/8".