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The Serpentina Bracelet

The Serpentina Bracelet

This listing is for a MADE TO ORDER all sterling silver bracelet. Created of two joined bands of half round sterling silver, multiple directional changes bring your focus to the central setting. In a fine silver bezel is a glass cabochon atop a naturally shed piece of snake skin from a Ball Python. This eye catching skin is then surrounded by a piece of roped wire, adorned by five hand formed sterling silver balls. The whole bracelet was then given a light patina to give it a more antiqued look and higher contrast, and then given an lavender oil and wax coating to keep it in place and satisfy the senses.

Snakes are often used as symbols of both death and immortality. Joseph Campbell once wrote. "Serpents seem to incarnate the elementary mystery of life wherever apparent opposites are conjoined".

There is an American South superstition, that suggests, to dream of snakes brings bad luck. However, if you safely walk past snakes in your dream, you would overcome your enemies. This necklace will harness the lore of the snake, and allow you to overcome any obstacle that stands in your path.
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    Bracelet can be made in whatever length you need, but unless otherwise requested, it will be made at 6". It will be coming being built on 8g sterling silver half round wire bands. The 'snake shed stone' will measure 1" across.


    Because this piece is made to order, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. I strive to get custom order finished within a week, but if I need to order more metals, it may take as long as 6 weeks as it will be out of my control - I will let you know what I estimate, and if it is time sensitive feel free to ask ahead of time!

    As a side note, due to the natural and delicate nature of the snake shed it is not recommended to wear this piece underwater. Without thinking I have worn mine swimming and it was set completely air tight and there were no issues, however it is always wise to not press ones luck and allow delicate and treasured pieces to receive only minimal time in the elements.
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