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The Serpent's Storm Ring *PRE-ORDER*

The Serpent's Storm Ring *PRE-ORDER*


** This listing is for a PRE-ORDER, of a very limited edition of The Serpent's Storm Ring, custom made to your size. Production to begin in the beginning of the new year! **


As with so many of my pieces, this ring was inspired by some big life changes. If you've followed along you know this year has not been gentle with me. After returning home from a trip in which I had to say goodbye to my beloved canine companion, Monster Truck,  (where I was drawn to, and picked up these stones), I was blindsided by some shocking, and hurtful changes in my home life. On the day the big shifts started to change in the physical space, this garden snake was found already passed on in the direct path of the "energy clearing". Through my tears, I was immediately pulled to make molds of the serpent. As time passed, and I was left to process the grief of this life change, the serpent and the stones ended up on my bench to be part of my final release of 2023. But not surprisingly, the power and energy, and sentimentality,  in this ring kept pulling me back to it. As did the Hypersthene stone, which appears like a flash of lightning exploding in a dark stormy sky. It became a real *my precious* feeling, and I wasn't willing to part with it. However, seeing how many others were immediately taken aback and pulled into the power of this "light within the dark", I decided I would love to offer a limited run of these captivating talismans. Fittingly released today, on the Winter Solstice, the longest and darkest night, but the days only get brighter from here. And what better intention to set, and work on as my first pieces of 2024. 


The details.

On the face of the ring, a mesmerizing piece of Hypersthene rests, cradled in a frame of two hand crafted, solid fine silver garden snake, found in my yard on a very poignant day during this transition between fall and winter. The front ends of these serpents, wrapping around as if to consume the other, a never ending cycle of moving forward... Set upon a double half round split band of *snakeskin textured* sterling silver.  My makers mark on the reverse. These serpent storm pieces are a personal testament to finding light even among the darkest of skies.




When researching it's metaphysical properties, many different uses come up, all of which are admittedly incrredibly poignant to the chapter I am going through currrently, which leads me to understand why I feel so incredibly pulled to this stone right now. 


+ Hypersthene: Considered a protective stone, hypersthene helps create calmness and quietness within the mind of the wearer. Believed to be a talisman that promotes self-love & satisfaction, independence, strength, and endurance.  It aids in the ability to let go of being concerned about what's next, but instead redirects your concentration internally. This allows you to reflect, observe, and understand what it is your body (both physical and mental) truly needs. +


 ** Once again, this listing is for a PRE-ORDER, that will not begin being production until the beginning of 2024 - and as for all of my made to order pieces, the estimate turn around time is 6-8 weeks. As I have just these rings, and just a small handful of pieces left to make from 2023's orders, I do not anticipate it taking that long, but please understand, it may take up until that time! **




Please check all dimensions to ensure each piece of jewelry will fit you before purchasing. I do not accept returns, so please go through and read all jewelry descriptions, look at the photographs, and make sure that everything is the correct size. I hope you find your perfect piece <3

Out of Stock
  • Sizing details

    This ring will be created in your custom chosen size. 

    The face of the ring will measure roughly 1" tall  x 7/8" wide, though the process of making the serpents is an organic one so there may be some subtle variance.

    The band measures 5/16" wide .

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