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The Scorpion Venom Necklace

The Scorpion Venom Necklace


This listing is for VERY SPECIAL one of a kind necklace based on my now classic Venom pendant, and inspired by my highly coveted Scorpion Venom hoops. 


This piece is made to pay my deepest respects to my beloved python Eruzlie. An eye catching pendant necklace with a very unique angled crescent design, with the main focal point of a Venom setting contaning a diamond shaped glass stone showcasing real python shed, Erzulie's final shed, the smaller pattern from around her face.  The unique double diamond of sterling silver roped wire and hand formed balls adorn and draw your attention to the mesmerizing snake's texture in the center. On either side of the Venom setting, two fine silver scorpions frame the piece. At the base point on each side of the crescent, I have set bold pieces of black onyx. The pendant is made of 10g round wire, with simple stamp designs that only add to, and not distract from, the natural materials showcased. The whole piece is given a patina to make the piece look antiqued, and high contrast.


The piece hangs on an 18" sterling silver double rope chain, with hand soldered jump rings, the loop in the back rope wire to match that from the Venom setting. No detail left behind.

Snakes are often used as symbols of both death and immortality. A befitting talisman to honor my queen, as she continues to share her magic, and to help you harness your own, strength, resilience, and growth. 

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  • Details

    The pendant measures 2 1/2" across and 2 3/4" tall.

    The 'Venom setting' itself measures about 1 1/2" tall,  and 7/8" across.

    It is hung from an 18" sterling silver "double rope chain".

    It weighs 1.22 oz.

    As a side note, due to the natural and delicate nature of the snake shed it is not recommended to wear this piece underwater. It is set tightly, but with all pieces after heavy wear they may loosen overtime, so it always wise to not press ones luck and allow delicate and treasured pieces to receive only minimal time in the elements. Treat this piece with care, and it should last a lifetime, and beyond. 

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