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The Scorpion Safety Pin

The Scorpion Safety Pin


This oversized safety pin is entirely hand fabricated out of sterling silver. The eye catching pendant of the pin is a solid piece of sterling silver, set with a fine silver scorpion, I have individually hand cast, cradling a beautiful piece of Kingman Turquoise (that I went an picked out directly from the mine in Arizona this winter), set in a serrated bezel and rope border. Simple stamping details also add to the piece. You can use these beauties as clothing or home decor, keychains, to pin your important documents or birthday dollars on you... the possibilities are endless. I’ll admit they are actually the hardest piece to make from the collection, and I definitely never nailed it. So each pin has some (hidden on the reverse) personality marks as I attempted different methods of cutting or folding the metal. Each piece is absolutely functional and sturdy, but you know, handmade! But that's what you’re here for though right? Getting to hold a piece you know I spent many hours/days pouring all of my heart and soul and frustrations and triumphs into?!  These pins are every bit that. Completely one of a kind and made with so much love. 


It measures 3 1/4” long and 7/8" at its widest point.

It weighs .65 oz.


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