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The Scorpion + Ammonite Weights

The Scorpion + Ammonite Weights

$580.00 Regular Price
$520.00Sale Price

These weights are some real showstoppers.


To honor the enchantment of the desert I’ve hand fabricated a large hoop earring, for a gauged ear, out of 10g sterling silver. Two mirrored halves of an Ammonite fossil, with the richest browns and amber inclusions, have been rest in serrated  bezels, with a roped border,  framed on either side by intricate, indiviually hand "cast" fine silver scorpions, from scorpions a friend found in nature and gifted me.  ✨


The hoops have a diameter of roughly 2 5/8", and weigh roughly .86 oz (or roughly about 24.4g) each. 


>>> Scorpions are another powerful totem. They carry many of the same strengths and messages as a snake. They are patient, intutive, fierce when threatened with danger, as well as good with boundaries and controlling the energy they expel, they also have the ability to shed their skin and emerge new after much growth. Along with these qualities, I believe carrying a scorpion talisman is a good reminder of focusing on what you carry, and making sure to release old habits and behaviors that no longer deserve to come on your journey. <<<

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