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The Rattler Boot Tips

The Rattler Boot Tips


Well, these boot tips are quite the show stoppers. And just imagining them paired with the collar tips, bandana slide, keychain, or lighter, WOOF,  its too much!


These tips, which are made to fit a standard size pointed/narrow rounded cowboy boot, are completely hand fabricated. The base of the boot tip has been made  out of nickel silver, to keep price point a bit lower, as well as to keep toughness factor high. But in the front, a solid fine silver rattlesnake rattle I individually casted from a gifted rattle sits below a lovely greenish piece of Kingman Turquoise I picked out directly from the mine in Arizona this winter set in a serrated bezel, with sterling silver ball and roping details. Subtle stamping can be seen in the dark black contrasted background for extra special details. Each tip has four platforms to hold a boot nail in place. They are made sturdy, but with enough flexibility they can mold to your boot to be nailed down. I strongly recommend taking them to your trusted local cobbler to have them put into place in a way that works best with your boots soles so they (and your boots) can live a long secure life. 


The side walls measure 2" long, the front toe arch is 3/4" tall, and the distance from the front of the tip to the back rounded edge is 1 1/2".  It measures 3 1/4” around at its widest point.

Each tip weighs .61 oz.


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