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The Rattle + Turquoise Safety Pin

The Rattle + Turquoise Safety Pin


Ok - bringing back the safety pins from The Fuctional Jewels Collection, because they are such an integral part of our swamp traditions here, and so useful and stylish, anywhere! But this time I compromised. I am a purist, I like everything to be entirely hand fabricated by myself, in fine metals... BUT that's not super time or financially effective to keep these beauties coming back, especially when not everyone even cares about a fully hand made heirloom sterling silver pin, they just want somethig durable and affordable. SO, a compromise. A stainless steel pin, but with all the magic and uniqueness my hand crafted silver adornments offer!  


This oversized safety pin is made with a base of stainless steel. Its a toughy. 

On its front,  a hand crafted solid fine silver rattlesnake rattle, with sterling silver ball and rope details. In the center rests a piece of lovely green Kingman Turquoise I went and hand picked out at the mine in Arizona. A classic beauty.


You can use these beauties as clothing or home decor, keychains, bag pulls, vest or shawl closure,  to secure gear on your bike, or pin your important documents or birthday dollars on you... the possibilities are endless. 


One of a kind and made with so much love. 


It measures 5” long.




Please check all dimensions to ensure each piece of jewelry will fit you before purchasing. I do not accept returns, so please go through and read all jewelry descriptions, look at the photographs, and make sure that everything is the correct size. I hope you find your perfect piece <3

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