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The Petrified Palm Wood Earrings (OOAK)

The Petrified Palm Wood Earrings (OOAK)

This listing is for a ONE OF A KIND pair of earrings from the Magic of the Swamp - LIGHT Collection.

This pair of earrings is my tribute to "Petrified Palm Wood".

Petrified Pam Wood is Louisiana's state fossil. While I have yet to have an occurrence with it in nature (I believe it is most commonly found in the river/wet areas around the LA/TX border), it was the key focus on my very fist collection as a metalsmith, when my entire collection was based around the stones/gems/minerals of my surroundings, and I have never looked back. I can never say no to the magic it gives me. That's why it gets two pieces <3

These all sterling silver earrings showcase two pieces of petrified palm wood in serrated bezels. They are positioned at the end of strips of metal rolled with snake shed I found while out in the swamps. A light layer of patina picks up the snakes texture, and compliments that of the petrified wood, it was given a cypress oil and wax coating to help keep it in place and to satisfy the senses of smells from the swamp.
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    These earrings measure 1 3/4" from the top of the strip to the base of the petrified palm wood, and they are slightly smaller than 1/2" wide at their widest.

    The petrified palm wood stones are roughly 1" across.
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