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The Petal Ring (OOAK)

The Petal Ring (OOAK)

This listing is for a ONE OF A KIND ring.

A small "Rose Stone", containing a dried rose petal set under glass, is resting bordered by a hand formed sterling silver ball and petal on a thin, but strong sterling split band. The band is stamped with an beautiful pattern at the back for the wearer's eyes, and the ring setting contains my makers mark and a sterling heart for the one you love (even if it is a reminder to yourself). It was then given a patina to bring out the hand stamped details, and to give the piece an antiqued look. They are then given a lavender oil and wax coating to keep the patina in place and satisfy the senses. This ring is a very simple, heartfelt talisman of eternal love and beauty.

Roses have long been used as a symbol for love, but it goes much further. Yes, in mythology, roses tended to be associated with the Greek Goddess of love, Aphrphrodite and Venus. In alchemical text and art they are depicted with seven petals as a symbol of inclusion, universal understanding and order. In the tarot the flower of a rose indicates promise, new beginnings, and hope. Red roses specifically for an enduring love.

In these talismans I've created, I want to pull from all of these sentiments. Talismans for a loving, balanced, inclusive, new beginning. Something our Mother's have offered us, be it by birth, by growth and knowledge, or from the nurturing friendships and caregivers in our lives. These are the jewels for the special goddesses in our lives however they take shape<3
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  • Details

    This ring is a size 7 1/2.

    The stone setting measures just over 3/4" tall, and 1/2" across.


    As a side note, due to the natural and delicate nature of the rose petal it is not recommended to wear this ring underwater. Without thinking I have worn mine swimming and it was set completely air tight and there were no issues, however over time with constant wear stones on all rings will shift, and it is always wise to not press ones luck and allow delicate and treasured pieces to receive only minimal time in the elements.
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