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The Magnolia Earrings (OOAK)

The Magnolia Earrings (OOAK)

This listing is for a ONE OF A KIND pair of earrings from the Magic of the Swamp - LIGHT Collection.

This set of earrings is my tribute to the "Magnolia".

Growing up my Southern family really instilled in me so many "REALLY Southern" traditions, namely that of the warm host, always getting together as a family to share a meal, or sip a I'm writing this really, the only connection that matters is I'm hearing my Great Aunt Inez' voice pronouncing "magnolia" over and over, and it confirms why I made a piece in their honor.

Made of all sterling silver, I hand cut out the shape of the magnolia flowers and have them placed upon the quartz drop earrings. These points are milky like the creamy flowers contrasting against the dark green leaves. A light layer of patina has been added to heighten the contrast of this piece, it was given a cypress oil and wax coating to help keep it in place and to satisfy the senses of smells from the swamp.
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    These earrings measure roughly 2" from the top of the bezel hoop to the bottom of the crystal points.
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