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The Kingman Scorpion Earrings

The Kingman Scorpion Earrings


The Scorpion and Kingman Turquoise pieces. Swoon. The design for these earrings and necklace are easily some of my most favorite in these collections, much like their Forest + Swamp counterparts. They make a perfect set, but will all be listed individually.


These earrings are all hand made, comprised of scorpions, individually hand cast from a scorpion gifted to me from a friend who found it in the wilds of the Southwest, in fine silver, with the triangle shape representing the element FIRE between its pinchers. Showcasing a seafoamy piece of Kingman Turquoise that I have hand selected directly from the mine in Arizona, shaped by my hands and set in 14k gold bezels. Each piece connected by a circle of 14k gold to symbolize the beauty and strength in our imperfections, and ability to grow past our life’s obstacles. 🖤


The earrings hang from standard gauge sterling silver hooks. They measure just shy of 2 1/8" from the base of the earring hook to the tip of the scorpion's tail and 5/8" wide.  They weigh roughly .2oz (5.7g) a piece.


>>> Scorpions are another powerful totem. They carry many of the same strengths and messages as a snake. They are patient, intutive, fierce when threatened with danger, as well as good with boundaries and controlling the energy they expel, they also have the ability to shed their skin and emerge new after much growth. Along with these qualities, I believe carrying a scorpion talisman is a good reminder of focusing on what you carry, and making sure to release old habits and behaviors that no longer deserve to come on your journey. <<<

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