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The Honey Blood Earrings

The Honey Blood Earrings


Typically only offered once in a blue moon as a pre-order, this pair is already made and ready to ship!


A solid fine silver Honey Locust Thorn, each one individually made -one at a time- from thorns collected in the swamps of Louisiana.


Dripping from the thorn, bound by a ring of 14k gold wire, a bright blood red Pomegranate Seed.


Hangs from handformed 18g sterling silver wire earring hooks, for use in both standard piercigs as well as through tunnels.


Each thorn is unique, so they will all be *slightly* different sizes, but the earrings as a whole, from the base of the earring hook, to the bottom of the pomegranate seed measures roughly 3" long. Each earring weighing roughly 6g / .21 oz.


The Honey Locust tree has developed a sharp thorn exterior to protect their sweet honey like fruit from those grazing by, let these earrings be an armor warning that you have fortified boundaries, and your sweetness is something to be coveted but not taken without your release.

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