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The "Gilded Talon" Bell

The "Gilded Talon" Bell


Each bell entirely hand made, stock of the bell made in nickel silver to take more of a beating, but each with tons of sterling and fine silver details! Each one with my signature, handmade solid silver rattlesnake rattle as the bell inside, with my makers mark stamped on top. Keep those gremlins at bay, forever on two wheels my wild ones ⚡️

The "Gilded Talon" Bell:  Adorned with a stunning, sparkly piece of Golden Amber, wrapped in a solid, handmade, fine silver owl talon. A handmade sterling ball and wire flourish frame the stone in. Stamped design on the reverse.

Bell measures a diameter of 7/8" and is 1 1/4" tall. Has a sterling silver handle, but will also come with a seperate jump/key ring for attaching to your bike.

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