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The Gator Armor Bracelet

The Gator Armor Bracelet


This OOAK bracelet is quite the statement piece. It is made entirely of sterling silver, set on two 6g half round bands, with hand made sterling stud details where they meet. The central focus on a giant teardrop stone, in dark swampy greens and blacks. I accquired a handful of this mystery stone from a retired lapidary artist in California a handful of years back, despite not knowing WHO she is, its one of my favorite stones, and I bring them out for really special pieces, as they always became my favorites. This piece is no different. Two solid fine silver alligator talons frame the side of the stone. The way I've angled them gives me really stong sword/shield feels, making this feel like quite a powerful, protective cuff. Hence the armor in its name. Wear this cuff and feel secure. 

The bracelet is set on two 6g half round bands, and measures 5 3/4" across and has a 1" opening.

The stone setting is 1 3/4" tall.

It weighs 1.38 oz.




Please check all dimensions to ensure each piece of jewelry will fit you before purchasing. I do not accept returns, so please go through and read all jewelry descriptions, look at the photographs, and make sure that everything is the correct size. I hope you find your perfect piece <3

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