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The Elephant Ear Bracelet (OOAK)

The Elephant Ear Bracelet (OOAK)

This listing is for a ONE OF A KIND bracelet from the Magic of the Swamp - LIGHT Collection.

This bracelet is my tribute to "Elephant Ears".

I may hate myself for writing these words, but Elephant Ears are my "happy plant". Yeah, that was awful, but true. I've planted more Elephant Ears, Caladiums, all around my yard than just about anything, strictly because I know how much joy their explosive leaves bring me. I'm sure you've noticed in the past that I use them to display just about everything because I think they make everything look better, jewelry, my yard, the day.... you get the point.

Made of all sterling silver, I hand cut and textured a cluster of three elephant ear leaves. I actually have no idea what this incredible bright green stone is, frankly I didn't care, its just stunning and when put to use in this bracelet, it is the most eye catching piece. I've also cut out the shape of an elephant ear and added three open circles, for more chance at seeing this incredible stone. This weighty pendant rests on two hand stamped half round bands. A light layer of patina has been added to heighten the contrast of this piece, it was given a cypress oil and wax coating to help keep it in place and to satisfy the senses of smells from the swamp.
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  • Details

    This bracelet is set on two 9g half round wire bands.

    The bracelets pendant measures 2" across and 1 3/4" tall.

    The bracelet band is 6" long and the opening is 1".
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