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The Double Headed Alligator Bolo Tie

The Double Headed Alligator Bolo Tie


This listing is for a ONE OF A KIND Double Headed Alligator bolo tie, a piece I made initially for my original Southwestern Swamp Collection. I've brought this design back, only designed it a bit smaller in size, and hand fabricated it completely out of sterling silver, with a few other design details to make it special from its predecessors! This piece is extra special as it set with Spanish Moss and a small piece of Alligator shed!!

The pendant is a double headed alligator, based on the imagery from the Navajo Thunderbird. It was hand sawed out of sterling silver, and then hand textured to give it a more organic texture. A scalloped fine silver bezel holds a glass stone showcasing real bits of Spanish Moss collected from a Live Oak, and one diamond of real alligator shed! I was gifted a very small piece from a friend, who found it in city park, and I used one diamond worth in the center as a bit of an "open eye" for the piece. The back of the pendant has a hand formed bolo finding snugly holding a black leather braided cord. The ends of the cord were capped off with two silver bolo caps. Then it was given a patina to give it a more antiqued appearance.

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  • Details

    The alligator pendant measures 4 1/4" across and 3/4" tall. The "spanish moss stone" is 1" tall.

    The bolo cord measures 36" long.


    As a side note, due to the natural and delicate nature of moss it is not recommended to wear this ring underwater. Without thinking I have worn mine swimming and it was set completely air tight and there were no issues, however it is always wise to not press ones luck and allow delicate and treasured pieces to receive only minimal time in the elements.

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