The Diamond in the Rough Necklace

This listing is for a OOAK necklace showcasing a beautiful Tibetan Tourmalized Quartz crystal acquired in Texas, housed in a spent shell, shot for leisure, and reused in New Orleans. 

The quartz crystal has been included to aid in connecting with the spirit world, helping one know oneself, and aid in healing if the occasion arises.

Nestled beneath the crystal is a beautiful emerald green duck feather, from Mississippi. This necklace contains a duck feather to harness a ducks power of protection, introspection, and nurturing nature.

As you move the light catches the crystal and the iridescence of the feather, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

It hangs on a stylishly designed doubled antiqued brass chain, with a large lobster clasp at the neck for easy wear.
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    The bullet and crystal pendant measures just over 2 1/4" tall, and 3" including the feather. The necklace measures 9 1/2" from the back of the neck to the jump ring detailing, and 12" the top of the pendant, and 15 3/4" to the bottom of the longer chain.

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