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The Desert Wash Essential Oil Roller

The Desert Wash Essential Oil Roller


A perfect memento of the desert. This essential oil roller is hand fabricated in a combination of sterling and fine silver, the main area of the cap made in fine silver with the texture of a cholla cactus (due to the unpredictable nature of these pieces, as they are made from organics and shrink a variable amount this cap is slightly shorter than the plastic cap underneath but it absolutely does not take away from functionality or its general striking badassery!). The sterling cap stamped with a decorative Southwestern frame and a circular piece of Kingman Turquoise I went and collected directly from the mine in AZ this winter. I blended a grounding oil inside the bright cobalt glass vial, with clary sage and juniper berries in a fractionated coconut oil base. However, the cap will fit any standard essential oil roller so it can move onto whatever your favorite oil of the day is. Finished off by one solid jump ring so you can decide for how you'd like to wear it,  for example, on a chain like a necklace, attach a keychain to a purse, or simply leave it on a dresser/altar. However best fits your needs, to travel with you best.


The cap measures 7/8” in diameter, 1" tall, and 1 7/8" tall from top of the hook. From top of the hook to the bottom of the vial is 4 1/4" long.

The cap weighs .74 oz.


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  • FJC Care

    As each of these pieces are new designs, they are all still in a way prototypes. After years of moving metal I trust in their strength and longeviety.  But I also know with handmade sometimes small surprises come up, I stand behind my work completely, so if ever there is any issue with one of these pieces due to my handiwork I will absolutely repair it for you asap. If the issue of said piece seems to come from user ware, I will also happily repair the piece for you, for a reasonable labor/material fee. I want you to wear these pieces for life. Support handmade, and these hands will support you <3 


    That being said,  please see the care instructions card that will come with your piece for how to properly give your SSH goods the longest life possible!