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The Cypress + Turtle Hoops

The Cypress + Turtle Hoops


For The Swamp Collection I opted to make three pairs of hoops, but while I tend to make a lot of weights, for the ocean I only made one, and then two pair of more lightweight hoops for standard ears.


These are an eye catching pair of hoops made in honor of the spell of the swamp. Tall cypress trees lines the murky tannin stained water, while alligator snapping turtles slowly grow older and wiser beneath them. To honor them I’ve hand fabricated large hoop earrings, comprised of a fine silver crescent moons textured with the cypress tree’s bark. Centrally I’ve set two diamond shaped pieces of glass over a part of an alligator snapping turtle shell I’ve personally found in my years of swamp exploring here in Louisiana. They’ve been set into a 14k gold bezel. The remainder of the hoops creation into a sphere, is fabricated in 14k gold. The gold running through the piece is there as a reminder that our growth and repaired damage adds to our strength, beauty, and value.  ✨🌿🐊


The hoops have a diameter of 2", and weigh just shy of .5oz (or roughly about 14.2g) each. They hang from hand formed 18g hooks that are perfect for both standard ears and tunnels alike.

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