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The Copper Diamond Hair Fork

The Copper Diamond Hair Fork



The copper section of Eastern Winds, the first part I began to work on those five years ago, inspired by the African Vulture. The stewards to the land, watching everything from above, cleaning up the remains. An often thankless creature, they are some of my most favorite. I hope you, as I will (thus far, I've only made myself one of the Vultures!), wear them with pride, for they are the unsung rulers of the East African landscape! 🐅🌞✨


This hair piece, sister to the whole diamond set, is one of the more geometric/textile/patternwork inspired pieces. Simple, but strong in design.  Hand fabricated copper diamond,  holds a "stone" of African Vulture feather in a serrated fine silver bezel. The diamond with subtle, yet beautifully striking stamping details.  The sticks, hand fabricated in triangle shapped copper wire, formed with a wiggle to nestle comfortably in your hair, with stamped details. 


The diamond pendant measures 2 5/8" wide and 1 1/8"tall.

The piece as a whole measures 5 1/2" tall.