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The Canna Lily Earrings (OOAK)

The Canna Lily Earrings (OOAK)

This listing is for a ONE OF A KIND pair of earrings from the Magic of the Swamp - LIGHT Collection.

This set of earrings is my tribute to the "Canna Lily".

I probably have planted more canna lilies in my yard than anything else (aside from maybe Elelphant Ears/Caladiums, real close). I always get excited to see their intensely colored flowers start popping up against the walls of green. But more than even that I am slightly infatuated by their seed pods. Fresh, dried, I collect them and place them al over, they're just so interesting looking.

Which is why I have cut out both the seed pod and the flower on the back of these earrings. When held up to the light, they allow a small amount of light to filter through all of the vibrant colors of this moss agate. They may be the smallest pieces I have ever found, but by far the most uncommon and unlike the others. Such deep shades of red and green, much like the canna lilies they are now showcasing.

The stone does all the work for these earrings, they are smaller than I usually work with, but they pack so much punch that they stand best alone. I circled the stones with an oversized rope wire, filled the space with a dark patina for contrast, and I do believe these earrings are perfect.
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  • Details

    These earrings measure roughly 1 1/4" from the top of the hoop to the bottom of the earring.

    They are a little bit wider than 1/2" at the earrings widest point.
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