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The Black Onyx Venom Necklace

The Black Onyx Venom Necklace


For The "Not a Drop of Venom Wasted" Collection I wanted to breath some fresh life into my classic Venom pieces. To do something that reminds me, while initially designed with my muse serpent Erzulie in mind, now, these pieces can take on MORE of a life of their own.


This listing is for one of my now classic VENOM necklaces, but instead of snake shed, it contains the most striking, high contrast piece of Black Onyx. The unique double diamond of sterling silver roped wire and hand formed balls adorn and draw your attention to the mesmerizing stone. The pendant comes on my classic "sterling silver rope chain" in your choice of length. The whole piece is given a patina to make the piece look antiqued, and high contrast. A truly eye catching piece. 


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  • Details

    * The 'Venom pendant' measures 1 1/2" tall,  and 7/8" across.

    * It comes customary on my staple sterling silver diamond rope chain (1.2mm), in your choice of 16/18/20/24".

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