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The Banana Plant Ring (OOAK)

The Banana Plant Ring (OOAK)

This listing is for a ONE OF A KIND ring from the Magic of the Swamp - LIGHT Collection.

This ring is my tribute to the "Banana Plant".

In a mere two years time my banana plant has taken over one of my fences, its so resilient and fierce its almost to the electrical line. It brings me such intense joy open my door and see the wall of bright green leaves refusing to stop standing the tallest. This season has been the first where, ((yet another pink plant is winning me over)) the explosive oddly shaped pink flower is sending out the tiniest bananas on its stalk. Viewing plants are they grow and start providing is inspiring.

Made of all sterling silver, I hand cut out the aforementioned pink flower and stalk of baby bananas out of the base of the ring, to allow the light to sneak in through the banana leaf and moss agate on the front of the ring. The cloudy, yet translucent piece of moss agate contains the dreamiest green growth in its grasps, its been wrapped in two layers of roped wire and the forever reaching banana leaf. A light layer of patina has been added to heighten the contrast of this piece, it was given a cypress oil and wax coating to help keep it in place and to satisfy the senses of smells from the swamp.
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  • Details

    This ring is set on a solid 6g half round band.

    The face of the ring measures 1 1/2" tall and 1 1/4" across.

    The ring is a size 8-8 1/4.
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