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The Asante Earrings

The Asante Earrings



The silver section of Eastern Winds, inspired by the fauna of the Savannah. You can't have an ode to Eastern Africa without showcasing the wildlife that makes the lands feel so full and rich. Excited to share with you these creatures less celebrated, but endlessly deserving! ðŸ…🌞✨


This design is one of my favorites from the whole collection, one of the designs made as a more geometric/textile/pattern inspired piece that crosses over the metals.


For these earrings I have set a central "stone" of Egyptian Goose feather, shimmering black and green, though these birds are STUNNING and have soooo many different colors of feathers on one bird. I really fell in love with them! The feather rests between two abstract stamped "diamonds", attached by two rings with hammer texture causing them to reflect light in all the best ways!  Hand fabricated sterling ear findings to insure they comfortably fit both standard piercings, as well as through tunnels on stretched ears <3


The earrings measure  2 1/2" tall and 1 1/8" wide.

The earring hooks are 18g wire.

They measure roughly .25oz a piece.

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