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The Ancient Wisdoms Necklace

The Ancient Wisdoms Necklace


I love the energy of this piece. It's somehow both simple and understated, yet also deeply dark and moody and full of layered magic. I just adore it so much.


This necklace focuses on a beautiful ammonite fossil. Rich browns, with golden yellow and amber colored crystalized inclusions amidst its polished self. A shining fine silver owl talon hugs the shape of the fossil perfectly.  One single hand formed sterling silver ball detail between them. The whole piece encircled in a rope wire border, and filled in with a dark patina background to contrast all the sterling's shine.


A bail made of double half round wire holds the 16" flat snake chain, a personal favorite.  My makers mark raised on the reverse side. 


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  • Sizing details

    The pendant measures just over 1 1/4" tall, and 1" wide.

    The sterling silver snake chain is 16".

    It weighs .5 oz .


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