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The Amber Venom Dangles

The Amber Venom Dangles


For The "Not a Drop of Venom Wasted" Collection I wanted to breath some fresh life into my classic Venom pieces. To do something that reminds me, while initially designed with my muse serpent Erzulie in mind, now, these pieces can take on MORE of a life of their own.


This listing is for one of my most favorite designs, The Venom Dangle Huggie Hoops, but this time instead of snake shed in the Venom setting, it contains the flashiest piece of golden Amber. The unique double diamond of sterling silver roped wire and hand formed balls adorn and draw your attention to the mesmerizing stone.


The pendant hangs on a locking sterling silver Huggie Hoop earring, in a 14mm diameter so it can be worn through both standard and gauged ears comfortably. Hanging from the bottom of the pendant are three hand formed dangles, that have been made out of sterling silver that I have rolled and impressed with Erzulie's python shed - keeping up with the snake magic on these magical creations! ✨


The earrings are given a patina to give them an antiqued, high contrast look, and then brought to a nice shine. 


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  • Details

    The Huggie Hoops are a hinged/locking sterling silver hoop with a diameter of 14mm. Perfect to be worn through standard ear piercings (that are use to some weight), or to be worn through guaged ears/tunnels.

    They measure 7/8" across, and 3" from top of the earring hook to the bottom of the central dangle.

    The 'Venom pendant' itself measures 1 1/2" tall,  and 7/8" wide.

    They weigh roughly .39oz a piece.

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