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The Alligator Spear Earrings

The Alligator Spear Earrings


These are the core earrings from The Swamp Collection. 


These pieces have evolved from my classic “Sterling Spear Earrings” design, although they have been reborn in fine silver and made with the texture of an alligator that I've found as roadkill in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana many years ago, and saved for the day when I'd be able to honor him in metal/life. Each with a bail made of a sprig of bald cypress branch, and a ribbon of 24k gold strengthening their bonds. 


They hang from standard sterling ear findings, and measure 1 3/4" from the top of the cypress bail to the bottom of the spears. They weigh .15oz (4.3g) a piece. My makers insignia added to the back so you know who handmade your nature talismans of growth, beauty and healed value.

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  • Bones of The Collection Ethos

    Through all four collections I will have a base collection. Each “location/element” will have two main textures, for the swamp that is alligator and bald cypress tree bark. Each of those textures will have matching series of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. All simple in design, but carrying so many well thought out details and messages. The rings and necklaces are in series of three: plain, with stone, and with element - for the swamp that element is AIR. The bracelets and earrings are in series of two: plain, and with stone. All comprised of natural textures that I found in their environmental home, if with stone, they’ll be hand