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The Alligator Eye Bandana Slide

The Alligator Eye Bandana Slide


This bandana slide is revisiting one of my most favorite designs I've made yet, the Sobek pieces, from the Damaged Goods: Swamp Collection. This piece is a weighty piece,  the pendant is an eye I've individually casted from a real life (well once live) American alligator found in Louisiana. Every little detail, and the glimmer of his eye lurking, watching you close. The eye piece is made of fine silver, but the roped border and the back band are both made of sterling silver.  The band CAN double for a rather small ring band, if you have small fingers or desire to wear it as a midi shield ring, though bandana slide is its intended use. 


It measures  1 1/4” wide and 1" tall.

The band diameter is 3/4" or fits a size 3 - 3 1/2 ring. 

It weighs .54 oz.


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  • FJC Care

    As each of these pieces are new designs, they are all still in a way prototypes. After years of moving metal I trust in their strength and longeviety.  But I also know with handmade sometimes small surprises come up, I stand behind my work completely, so if ever there is any issue with one of these pieces due to my handiwork I will absolutely repair it for you asap. If the issue of said piece seems to come from user ware, I will also happily repair the piece for you, for a reasonable labor/material fee. I want you to wear these pieces for life. Support handmade, and these hands will support you <3 


    That being said,  please see the care instructions card that will come with your piece for how to properly give your SSH goods the longest life possible!

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