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The Alligator and Palm Wood Weights

The Alligator and Palm Wood Weights


For The Swamp Collection I opted to make three pairs of hoops, but while I tend to make a lot of weights, this time I made two pair of more lightweight hoops for standard ears, and only one pair of weights. These weights are some real showstoppers.


To honor the spell of the swamp I’ve hand fabricated a large hoop earring, for a gauged ear, out of 10g sterling silver. Two striking pieces of Louisiana Petrified Palm Wood ((Lousiana's state fossil)), have been rest in14k gold bezels, framed on either side by intricately made, fine silver alligator paws. The gold running through the piece is there as a reminder that our growth and repaired damage adds to our strength, beauty, and value. ✨


The hoops have a diameter of roughly 3", and weigh roughly 1.5oz (or roughly about 42.5g) each. 

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