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Skin I Been Through... Lighter

Skin I Been Through... Lighter


This lighter, hand fabricated in a mixture of copper and sterling silver. The sheath itself solid copper, with stamped borders. A piece of Python shed, from my pet python Erzulie, sits between two sterling silver studs, and a handmade winding rattle snake alongside. Stamped designs throughout. And forever referencing my favorite TVZ with “skin I been through dies behind me”. An ode to outgrowing, and shedding, your old ways, let this lighter light up your new ones...


It measures 2 3/4” tall,  1 1/8" wide, and 5/8" deep.

It weighs .87 oz.


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  • FJC Care

    As each of these pieces are new designs, they are all still in a way prototypes. After years of moving metal I trust in their strength and longeviety.  But I also know with handmade sometimes small surprises come up, I stand behind my work completely, so if ever there is any issue with one of these pieces due to my handiwork I will absolutely repair it for you asap. If the issue of said piece seems to come from user ware, I will also happily repair the piece for you, for a reasonable labor/material fee. I want you to wear these pieces for life. Support handmade, and these hands will support you <3 


    That being said,  please see the care instructions card that will come with your piece for how to properly give your SSH goods the longest life possible!

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