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Crystal Bullet Hoop Earrings

Crystal Bullet Hoop Earrings

This listing is for a OOAK PAIR of my Crystal Bullet Hoop Earrings. 

Each earring is built upon 8 gauge copper wire, that has been rounded and the edges flattened and drilled to hold 18g brass wire earring hooks . A Ruger 9mm bullet shell has been soldered onto the copper base wire, showcasing a Tourmalized Quartz crystal. Then the earrings are given a darker patina to give them an antiqued appearance.

The quartz crystal has been included to aid in connecting with the spirit world, helping one know oneself, and aid in healing if the occasion arises.
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  • Details

    They measure just over 2" across, and 3" tall. The bullet/crystal pendants measure between 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" across.

    As they are 18g they will be most comfortable in gauged ears, through tunnels, but can also be worn in standard size piercings as long as your ears have been used to heavier earrings.
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