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Beware The Hawk Bandana Slide/Ring

Beware The Hawk Bandana Slide/Ring


One of the two remaining pieces from  "The Ties That Bind Collection" instagram release.


This Bandana Slide/Ring combo is just that, a combination of multiple metals, with a mixed stone. The bulk of the pendant is made of sterling silver, with a giant solid copper Hawk Talon edging an exquisite stone - a combination bronze, abalone, and obsidian. The stone is cradled in a sterling silver rope chain and much hand stamped decoration. The band on the reverse side, a double half round band, with stamping details, in brass. Truly one of a kind in every way.


The pendant measures 1 1/2” tall x 1 1/8” wide.

It is a ring size 5 1/2.



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