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The Spell of the Swamp Bolo

The Spell of the Swamp Bolo


What a truly one of a kind bolo tie paying homage to The Swamp. The base form of this Bolo is all hand fabricated out of sterling silver, showcasing a large, stunning, multicolored piece of Lousiana Petrified Palm Wood, set in a 14k gold bezel. Underneath the stone, an alligator tooth I've found in my many explorations of the swamp, is set in a serrated bezel, framed by two fine silver pieces of flora from a cypress tree, collected while canoing out on Lake Maurepas. A trinity of handformed sterling details edge the flora. A fine silver crescent shaped arch made of the ridges of an alligators back crown the stone. Cypress trees, a close relative to the redwood, are also one of the most resilient trees, impervious to rot and insects, sending out roots at length and upwards to hold their balance. They withstand so much, and cover the swamp as great protectors. I will do my best to honor their efforts. This whole piece encapsulates the flora and the fauna of the swamp, and truly is a perfect talisman of its magic.


The pendant holds a hand formed and stamped sterling Bolo slider on its reverse, and slides on a 36” black leather roped bolo lanyard, with stamped sterling silver caps.


The pendant measures 2 3/8" tall and 1 5/8" wide.

The pendant weighs 1.52oz (43g).