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The Sonoran Sunrise Bracelet

The Sonoran Sunrise Bracelet

This listing is for an absolutely OOAK show piece of a bracelet.

Five stunning stones are set on a weighty 14g sterling silver band. The band has been designed with a hand cut and filed design out of the center, and then hand forged into shape. Two hand cut and textured arrowheads have been sweat soldered onto the edges of the bracelet to showcase the stones. Spotlighted in the center is a stunning piece of Sonoran Sunrise Jasper, a stone incredibly rare in nature, mined in Mexico, that blends bright aqua-green Chrysocolla, vibrant pinkish red Cuprite, and contrasting black of Tenorite. On either side of this epic stone, I've included two pieces of Sacred White Buffalo Turquoise (from Dry Creek Turquoise Mine in Nevada), and finally two deep blue colored pieces of Nevada mined turquoise to pick up the colors in the jasper.

Mixed with some simple embellishments and detailing, this bracelet is a force to be reckoned with.
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  • Details

    This bracelet is made out of heavy weighted 14g sterling silver.

    The band is 6" long and 1" tall, with a 1" opening.
    The largest stone on the band is the Sonora Sunrise stone, it measures 1 1/2" tall and slightly larger than 3/4" across.
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