The Python Fire Lighter Holster (OOAK)

The Python Fire Lighter Holster (OOAK)

This listing is for a ONE OF A KIND lighter holster.

This holster has a small "python shed stone" soldered onto the front, showcased with hand stamped "cross roads" designs emanating outward, on the front and back side. Going down the center edge I've stamped the haunting sounds of Exuma:

"Mama Loi
Papa Loi
I see fire in the dead mans eyes"

The sheath is made of copper to fit a full sized Bic lighter. It wraps around the lighter and is hand stamped on both sides, with stylized soldered "straps" on one edge, revealing a bit of your lighters color. A small ridge is left at the base so the lighter can balance standing up, as well as potentially aid in the opening of your other vices. I've also drilled out a hole at the base in case your lighter fits too snuggly, you can push it back out.

This is the lighter after my own heart...
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    This holster will fit a standard size Bic lighter.

    It measures roughly 2 3/4" tall and 1" across.

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